Are you being pigeon holed?

Don't get pigeon holed

It’s just the way our minds work to make sure we don’t go mad with all the information that is thrown at us everyday. Websites fill us with information about whatever we show the smallest interest in, not to mention all those e-mails, adverts and articles in the press and even your TV when relaxing after a busy days work.

The easiest way to remember someone, be it an individual or company, is to categorise them for future reference. Rather than remembering everything that they can offer, it is easier to consider them for the main service or product that is the most relevant to you at that particular time. So what happens when you can offer lots of different benefits for a client or customer. You can’t blame them for not remembering everything, that’s why it is important to remind them on a regular basis.

So what is the best way to do this?
Well, if you have got it right, your website should list the many services and products you have to offer but customers that think they know you don’t often wander onto your website, why should they when they are confident that they know what you do?

Of course, there is no substitute for talking to them and when the opportunity presents itself, this is your big chance. Even when you discuss the many aspects of your business they will still need to process this new information and guess what… they will fill another pigeon hole with the most relevant service you offer and probably discard the rest. So what’s wrong with this?

Not too long ago, I had been asked to call in to see a regular client and discuss a brochure that I was working on. On being shown into their office, my client was on the phone having quite a heated conversation with someone, this I found a little embarrassing for some reason but couldn’t help wondering what the conversation was about. When the call ended my client turned to me and said “if only you produced exhibition graphics, my life would be so much easier”. For a moment I wasn’t sure what to say, you see I do indeed produce exhibition graphics and have done for most of my career. Of course I enlightened my client on this part of my service armoury but here’s the thing, although I had been working with this client for many years on various projects, he had never picked up on the exhibition side of my business, and there was only one person to blame… me!

How much business are you losing out on because your clients only think of you as supplying one or two products or services?

Targeted e-mails are one way to get this complicated message across but don’t bombard the recipient with too much information at one time or the inevitable will happen. Better concentrate on one or at most two aspects of your business and state a real benefit to the reader. Leave the other services, if you have them, to another email at a later date.

At PRS we can sum up our services into a few main categories:


I wonder which ones you will remember?

If you feel that you are being pigeon holed by your clients and customers get in touch. We would love to work with you and help get you in to several pigeon holes.

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