Graphic design for product brochures

Brochures & Leaflets

We create stunning, bespoke brochures and leaflets based upon your corporate image and tailored to your business. Brochures can beĀ  produced to provide a "shop window" for your business or a more sales driven piece of literature to initiate a reaction from your customer. Initially we will have a conversation to find out who the finished work is aimed at and what you hope to achieve. Also considered is the way that you will present your brochure or leaflet to your client.

Design Concept
The process will start with a colour visual to give you an early idea of how the finished item will look. This important stage is the first chance to discuss the suitability of the design concept and if required explore changes. Once the design concept has been agreed by you, the process of artwork preparation can begin.

Copywriting, photography and illustration
The content of any brochure or leaflet is key if the person receiving the item is to react in the intended way. To the point and engaging text is essential so that your message is understood quickly and clearly. This text can be supplied by you, written to the word count suggested in the initial visual. Alternatively we can take notes from you during a dedicated conversation and write your text for you. The finished text is always presented to you for final approval before it is placed into the artwork.

Images are also vital, as this is always the first part of any Brochure or Leaflet to be recognised and and considered before any text is read. We can arrange the photography with one of our preferred suppliers all the time making sure that the final images fit the design and show off your message to its best advantage. Sometimes, often a cheaper option is to use an image from a photo library. Whilst there are indeed thousands of images available from this source it must be accepted that they are usually of a more general nature. Should this be the chosen route a photo library can always be retouched to make it fit with your branding, please take a look at our examples here.

Illustration is another option. Sometimes there just isn't the image available so we can create the illustration for you. These can be photo-realistic, diagrammatic or in fact cartoon in style.

All of these factors are important to the finished item and as part of the service, we will help and advise on every aspect.

Production and Print
As a regular creator of brochures and leaflets we have a good selection of preferredĀ  print suppliers. Although all printers will claim that they can print every type of literature the truth is that there equipment may not be economical for your project or possibly not to the high quality that we insist on. As part of the process we will supply a quotation for your project whilst make sure that the print and finishing process is completed correctly and on time.

Product guide for exhibition giveaways
Multi-page, pocket sized product leaflet. Ideal for Exhibitions.

Product guide for exhibition giveaways
Custom designed presentation folder including brochure, USB Card and DVD.