Email and Social Media

Email Campaigns
Email Campaigns and Social MediaWorking from your opted-in email lists we can design and create an email campaign to complement your marketing strategy. All emails are sent via our dedicated servers to protect your own domain name from being wrongly marked down. Following each email send a report is produced giving you the opt-opt addresses, click-through and open rates.

Email campaigns to your customers and potential customers can deliver your latest products, special deals or simply a link to your latest blog. Building up a following will enhance your advertising and remind your customers when they are ready to purchase. Keeping visible with a regular, unobtrusive campaign can give you the edge over your competitors.

Social Media Campaigns
In today's lifestyle Social Media is a big influence on what people do and see and what they base their opinions on. With our social media campaigns we will target the specific audience that your products and services relate to. Running this type of campaign allows your customers to interact with you and give you information quicker than is generally possible through other types of media. Whether it is Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other platform, we can help you stay in the minds of your customers. As with our email campaigns regular reports are provided to help you get the best from this important promotional process.

Please talk to us about  how we can help you with either email, social media or both. All campaigns are tailored to your exact needs.

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