Is it time to change your logo?

Making the big decision to change or update your logo needs some serious thought but sometimes it is essential to the image of your company to take this important step.

Your logo is the iconic image that is recognised by your customers and tells them that the information around it relates to your company. Working on a purely primitive basis, it is generally understood that images are almost always recognised before text. Whenever text is unreadable, when viewed from a distance for example, the shape and contrasting colours of a logo will register in the viewers mind. Just think about the Shell logo for example, as you approach the petrol station, the logo and colour is all that is required for you to know that you can get fuel and refreshments there. Of course we have all been programmed to associate the logo with the products on offer via the use of clever advertising and previous experience but this is a another subject.

Fashion is very present in the graphics we see today and the way a logo is drawn. What was a popular colour a few years ago may not cut it in today’s commercial world. If you have a logo that shows a particular, recognisable element this may not now fit with the direction that your company now finds itself. Other issues could be that the logo does not display too well when used in digital media a vital part of everyone’s marketing. It has to be said that, for one reason or another, some logos can be confusing, and probably have been from the very beginning. If you find nearly everyone that you hand your business card to squinting in confusion when they see your logo, this is a sign that they don’t get the design. Or maybe you have found out that your logo looks great in black and white but is unrecognisable in colour, or vice versa. All issues to need be considered.

So the things to consider are:
Assuming that you already have a logo and that your customers are familiar with it, it’s important that any redesign is handled carefully. A total change with no reference to the original will surely tell your customers that something big has changed within your company. If this is the desired affect then much must be done ahead of and during the launch of the new logo. Explanation will be required to assure your existing clients that the services and products they know and love will still be there for them. If the redesign is due to ever falling sales or, for what ever reason, your company is not now considered in a good light, then the relaunch of your logo must be celebrated and again a campaign needs to inform your current customers of great things ahead.

In cases where your company is trading well but a refresh is required then a schedule of change needs to be implemented. A dramatic and sudden change to your logo can cause concern and rumours amongst your customers, What’s going on? Has there been a takeover? Will the customers still get the service and products they love?

A good example of a carefully managed change is the one shown below.The last two versions of the logo were redesigned and managed by PRS. Originally a company set up to transport coal from Wales to the rest of the UK, Cory Brothers have now evolved into a major shipping and logistic company trading worldwide. Whilst still holding on to their Welsh roots, Cory wanted to retain the red dragon that had been used from the start, below are examples of how this logo has change over the years. The gradual change, in the main, was reasonably unnoticed by their customers but today the logo is sharper and probably more aggressive looking for their market today.

Cory Logos past and present

If you would like to discuss any of the issues in this article in relation to your logo redevelopment, we would be happy to hear from you. A full design service is offered for the creation of new and redesigned logos by PRS Partnership along with an implementation strategy where required.