PRS Partnership have been photo retouchers an illustrators  in Essex and Suffolk for more than 30 years. When you have an image that need correction or needs to stand out more we can help. If you have a photo that is not clear enough or simply does not exist we can produce illustrations in many styles.

Take a look at a few examples of recently produced work for our clients and then give us a call to discuss your important project.


Retouching PhotographyPhoto Retouching

When a striking image was needed for a company brochure it was decided to use a photo library image and retouch it. Here the original image was retouched to change to colour of the vehicle and add company logos. The original and finished images can be seen here.

Illustration for Anglian TimberRealistic Illustration

Created for use on the companies product catalogue. The original logo was illustrated as a three-dimensional image and rendered using wood image textures. Shadows were added to make the logo stand out from the similar wooden background.

Anihilated band logo Illustration

Thrash metal band Anihilated required a rendition of their logo in a particular style. Using textures found within rusty metal and creating watch type cogs this illustration was created giving a three-dimensional, realistic effect. The final illustration, seen here, was used to promote their latest release.

Illustration of bund lining serviceCut away Illustration

Essex based company, Lining Services, supply a protection service involving the fibreglass lining of tank surroundings called "bunds". Here the illustration was created to show how and where the fibreglass lining is fitted. This illustration was used within sale brochures.

Figure illustrationHealth and Safety Illustration

Often the clearest way to show a particular subject is a simple illustration. These illustrations formed part of a set of illustrations used within a health and safety manual for a paper handling company.

Forklift health and safetyForklift Truck Safety Illustrations

Using heavy equipment can be a major hazard and clear information is a legal and essential requirement to keep staff safe. A Forklift Truck manual was created for our clients featuring  clear easy to understand illustrations. Here are two from the set that were created.

Photo retouchingPhoto Retouching

Visually stimulating images are essential to engage the reader of company brochures. Here an image has been created using four separate images. These were montaged and retouched into one striking image.

Photo retouching showing movement within imagePhoto Retouching

Another image that has been created to give a more dramatic effect. Here the main image of the workman and ladder have been separated from the original background. In its place is a retouched image showing some movement. The result is an action image to enhance the associated text within the company brochure.

House retouchingPhoto Retouching

These images show how a property would look with a white rendered wall or a brickwork finish. The image was achieved by cutting out the areas to be changed and applying either a brickwork or white rendered texture. Special attention to the perspective was kept to ensure the image was believable.

Illustration of grounds of Ickworth houseVisitor Information Illustration

When first commissioned for this work, it was obvious that the previous location map was incorrect in many ways. The areas to be illustrated was then walked and photographed for reference purposes. Following the initial research, above is the finished illustration showing walks and areas  within the Ickworth House grounds. This illustration was used within the visitor information leaflet.

Detailed illustration for product informationTechnical Illustration

The images above show two illustrations created to demonstrate how various materials are included when establishing a flat roof construction. The illustrations were created using detailed information from our client and referring to actual material samples. These are part of more than 30 illustrations created to show different build-up applications.

Christmas illustration for Cory Brothers.Christmas Illustration

An illustration featuring the Cory Brothers logo within a snow globe. Whilst the logo was originally created by PRS Partnership, here it is part of an image created to represent the month of December as part of a promotional desk calendar.