Reverse Bay Park

  • Line passenger window up with the chosen bay. Keeping as close to the bay as possible to allow for space when moving forward.
  • All round observation before moving.
  • Steering full lock to right, helps if the car is moving very slightly as you turn steering wheel.
  • Using small round mirror on left hand mirror- as you move the car forward in full steering lock, ignore first white bay line that comes into view but line up second white bay line to point at front door handle and stop the car in that position.
  • Choose reverse gear, turn the steering to the left whilst moving the car VERY slow. Look out of back window.
  • Guide the left back wheel to enter the bay keeping it relatively close to the bay line. Look out of back window.
  • Once back of car is positioned to be facing directly into the chosen bay turn the steering wheel so the wheels are straight. Look out of back window.
  • Reverse into the bay and stop when car is securely in the bay.

Forward Bay Park

  •  Keep away from chosen bay to allow for bigger turning circle.
  • Slow the car to a very slow crawl in 1st gear.
  • Line first white line of chosen bay with reference point (yellow dot on my car)
  • Without stopping the car steer full lock to the left quickly
  • Straighten steering once aligned and into the bay.

Parallel Park

  • All round observations before beginning.
  • Stop parallel to target car keeping around 18” away.
  • Your car is in the correct starting position when the back of your car is lined up with either the front or the back of the target car.
  • Once in position, select reverse gear. All around observation.
  • Look out of back window.
  • Turn steering one complete turn to the left.
  • Look out of back window.
  • Reverse car SLOWLY until your car is approximately at 45 degrees with target car.
  • Look out of back window.
  • Turn steering one complete turn to the right. (This straightens the wheels)
  • Reverse SLOWLY using the small round left mirror until the front door handle appears to be touching the kerb.
  • At this point turn steering to FULL right lock.
  • Reverse to stopping position.
  • Straighten wheels

It will help steering strain if car is always moving slightly but not essential.

If another car appears from either direction STOP what you are doing, indicate left and watch the other car. If they keep coming towards you DON’T MOVE until they have passed. If they stop and wait you can proceed with your parallel park. Don’t forget to keep a watch for other cars throughout the manoeuvre

Stopping on the Right (Pull up on the right)

  • Identify suitable place to stop. Not by or opposite a bus stop, not opposite a parked car. Not by a dropped kerb, not within 10 metres of a junction.
  • Slow the car and check rear view mirror and traffic approaching from the front.
  • Indicate right, check rear view mirror and right door mirror for approaching cars. 
  • Check ahead is clear and before moving from your side of the road to the opposite side fit in a right blind spot check. If a vehicle is coming towards you it is acceptable to stop the car close to the centre line of the road and wait for the vehicle to pass.
  • Once all is clear move to right side of the road and drive parallel to the kerb for about two car lengths before stopping. This is done to ensure your steering in straight and you are close to the kerb.
  • Now you need to reverse your car VERY SLOWLY approximately two car lengths. Wait for examiner to ask you to stop.
  • If a vehicle approaches towards you stop your reversing, indicate right and wait for it to be clear before recommencing your reverse.
  • Now you need to move the car back to the correct side of the road. Indicate left before moving off.
  • Check rear view, left door mirror and check left blind spot.
  • Once clear of traffic from front and rear move confidently to the correct side of the road and continue your drive.